DTFG - Dare to Fail Gloriously

DTFG is a series of free educational, inspirational, silly, and all around strange events around NYC.
Every event features a person with a unique life, job, hobby, or perspective that came about from "Daring to Fail Gloriously."

Space is limited and fills up fast.
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Previous Events

1. Escaping North Korea Twice / Wework Bankruptcy

When: November 7, 2023 - 8:00pm-10:00pm
Where: 135 Madison Wework the day it is going bankrupt
He escaped North Korea twice to make it to America.
We are hosting this talk/q&a in secret at a Wework on the last day before they go bankrupt.
What are they going to do, kick us out? (Note: We almost were kicked out 2 times and got an angry voicemail after)
Partiful Link: https://partiful.com/e/sUbnHwCJrcPTRFefZYbx